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You must be a registered member to view all of the forums. Guests will only see a limited number of available forums in view mode only.

By registering with this Forum, you agree to abide by the rules and policies set forth. The Greencastle Sportsman's Assn. assumes no responsibility for any interaction throughout these Forums between individuals.

By requesting to become a registered user you agree to utilize these Forums in a respectable manner and agree to keep inappropriate material and subject matter off of these Forums such as pornagraphy, slander, violence and abusive language. Any participation in the Classified Forums is done at your own risk. The Greencastle Sportsman's Assn. assumes no responsibility for any interaction within the Classified adds or any transactions that may take place as a result of a Classified Add. All sales, purchases and transactions are done at the buyer and sellers risk. The Greencastle Sportsmans Assn. will not be responsible, nor involved in any complaints or disputes related to any aspect of the classifieds process. Sellers must abide by all State and Federal regulations in regards to what items they are selling or trading. No Firearms that require FFL transfers will be permitted as a classified add to include Rifles, Hand Guns, Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic weapons, Explosive material or any other inappropriate content not listed. No illegal material or inappropriate items will be permitted in these Forums. Members will be held directly responsible for any inappropriate material that is posted. The Forum Admins WILL take appropriate action against those users that do not adhere to these policies. The Forum Admins also reserve the right to deny any postings or classified ads at any time. Remember, if you are a member of the Greencaslte Sportsmans Association, your formal membership can be revoked as well.

The Forum Admins monitor the forums for fraudulant, abusive and improper subject matter and will revoke access to users that disobey these rules set forth. Any individuals violating these policies will be tracked by the Forum Admins and could be revoked as a user within the Forums and possibly within the Greencastle Sportsmans Club. Users who post on these Forums will be tracked by their logins credentials and the source IP addresses that posts are received from.

These Forums have been designed to be a beneficial repository for information and user interaction. We hope that everyone enjoys the benefits of these Forums and helps us keep them as an enjoyable experience for all !!
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